Frequently Asked Questions Related To Flyotel

  • Which is the best time to book flights and hotels when you are planning for a tour? When you are planning a tour it is best to do a quick research on the availability of hotels and flights in advance. Start researching or looking for the Hotel rates and the flight tickets prior 6 or 8 weeks.
  • What are the payment options available? Flyotel accepts payments using debit and credit cards. Also, you can be with various other payment options and UPI.
  • What is the process to download the Flyotel application? Flyotel is available on the Google play store for Android users and for iOS users you can easily download it from the Apple app store.
  • Does Flyotel really offer the lowest airfare? Flyotel guarantees the lowest airfare for flight bookings anywhere in the world. book the cheapest flight online.
  • Can i get a refund for my non refundable ticket if i missed the flight? Flyotel offers the refundable bookings, make sure you get the refund protection plan while booking a flight to protect your purchase, with this plan you can get the refund for non-refundable flights as well.

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